Shuína Skó

Two-Spirit Storyteller & Poet  |  Author  |  Indigenous Rights Activist


Shuína's books have been bought in the United States & internationally from Canada to Europe!


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Top Reviews

"Finished Warrior Roses, you definitely did not disappoint! So much meaning and understanding! I cannot wait to read the other books!"

- Reader of Warrior Roses

"We are all connected. She really spread the table for all of us indigenous folks. We have this fire in us and strength that runs through our veins that’s hard to put into words, but she did exactly that! This author, this book is amazing!" 

- Reader of She Is Matriarch

"Just ordered the third book... Gonna make sure my school library has multiple copies of each"

- Reader of Warrior Roses and Big Love

"Heart Poems for the Hopeless Romantic is a beautiful collection of Two-Spirit erotic poems. Shuina Sko beautifully describes their experience as a queer Indigenous person navigating desire. It is refreshing to read a sex-positive book about queer relationships – especially from an Indigenous, Two-Spirit perspective. Sko includes writing prompts & a "heterosexual questionnaire" that makes the collection interactive and thought-provoking. The book incorporates excerpts by Indigenous poets Natalie Diaz and Joy Harjo and a bonus poem by the Two-Spirit author Jerilyn Alderman-Hansson, which contextualizes Sko's work within the genre of Indigenous poetry. Heart Poems for the Hopeless Romantic is a fantastic work celebrating Indigiqueer love."

- Reader of Heart Poems for the Hopeless Romantic

"I took some time this morning to read one of my new books that came in the mail this week. This one by a local author touched my heart and mind and brought tears to my eyes for my community. Shuína Skó your words touched me, made my heart hurt and gave me hope all at once."

- Reader of Warrior Roses

"Wow!! Started reading your book. Powerful and I must say heartbreaking. I have seen the prejudices of the Indigenous people first hand and have lived it through my children's eyes. This is a book I plan to get my great-grandchildren as they get older."

- Reader of Warrior Roses

"Each poem is a gift of beauty and creativity that brings good medicine. Each poem also comes with a "closer look" that walks the reader through meaning making in a way that is accessible and welcoming. While moving through difficult topics and trauma from white settler colonialism Shuína Skó offers readers an insight and a light that is sure to brighten any room."

- Reader of Warrior Roses

"Heart wrenching and hauntingly beautiful expression start to finish!"

- Reader of Warrior Roses


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