Shuína Skó

Two-Spirit Storyteller & Poet  |  Author  |  Indigenous Rights Activist


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Spoken Word Poet

Citizen Of The Klamath Tribes

Speaker And Performance Artist 

Internationally Known Author

Cultural Consultant


Shuína Skó is a Two-Spirit internationally known author, veteran, Indigenous rights activist, and storyteller who shares story through spoken word poetry

Their poetry is fearlessly authentic and refreshingly vulnerable 

Through art, Shuína invites us on a journey that explores the complexities and vibrancy of the Indigenous experience and Two-Spirit identity

Shuína Skó is a lifelong humanitarian and sought after Indigenous storyteller with a passion for sharing Indigenous ways-of-being that promote healing and greater wellness

Shuína holds a Bachelor of Science in applied psychology and has over 10 years of professional experience working with Indigenous sovereign nations, various United States government departments, and higher educational institutions

 Shuína's thorough understanding of how intergenerational trauma and systemic oppression impact Indigenous communities feeds their determination to find and provide creative avenues for positive societal change 

Shuína Skó has self-published several poetry books that have been purchased throughout Turtle Island (North America) and Europe

These books contain short stories about love and resiliency, the Two-Spirit identity, historical trauma and settler colonialism, suicide prevention, the missing and murdered Indigenous peoples awareness movement,  matriarchy, and more

 These teachings are rooted in rich cultural values and practices from an ewksiknii (Klamath) perspective; some cultural activities Shuína engages in include hunting, fishing, gathering, beading and regalia making, serving elders, land stewardship, storytelling, maintaining sacred burial sites, smudging, sweat lodge and other ceremonies

Shuína, a natural leader and traditionally taught storyteller, creatively weaves impactful content into their spoken word poetry performances resulting in an unforgettable experience 

Available For Openings, Closings, Workshops, Conferences, Panels, Podcasts, Film

Spoken Word Poetry

Book Shuína for a heart-tugging spoken word poetry performance!

For more information on Shuína Skó's poetry visit the "About" and "Poetry Books" tabs. 

Cultural Competency Training

Have a community event, conference, or retreat coming up? Request Shuína to be your presenter as they are a one-of-a-kind culturally vibrant speaker! 

Content centers on holistic healing, culturally specific wellness techniques, and Trauma-Responsive/Trauma-Aware/Trauma-Informed Practices. 

Gain access to cultural practices and ceremonies that contribute to health and wellness (socially, mentally, physically, spiritually, etc); Start building rapport & creating safe spaces; Understand impacts of historical and intergenerational trauma, the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), matriarchy, colonialism, present social issues, epigenetic research, and more!

Two-Spirit & LGBTQ+

Exploration of the Two-Spirit identity, its relationship with heteronormativity, and place within the LGBTQ+ community

What is Two-Spirit? 

How has colonialism impacted Indigenous identities? 

How do we provide appropriate culturally informed services to Indigenous people who identify as Two-Spirit or within the LGBTQ+ community?

"Culturally safe practice involves being culturally aware and culturally responsive... Being culturally safe includes being sensitive to, and reflective upon, the experience of a cultural group, and developing relationships with that group and individuals within it that acknowledge their experience" 

(retrieved from Colby Pearce, a practicing Clinical Psychologist, website at 










What Others Are Saying

"You (Shuína) are medicine"

Oregon Community Foundation Poetry Workshop Participant

"The event 'What is Two Spirit? with Shuina Sko' was truly the kind of thing that refills my tank... I can't say I seek out poetry, but there really is something powerful when someone can move you by the care and craft of their words and the depths of awareness and introspection it takes to create them!"

Allstate's Native & Pride Conference Attendee

"Your words and energy are uplifting!"

2023 Tribal-State ICWA Conference Attendee

"Amazing storyteller, engaging and so inspiring. Thank you!"

2022 Tribal-State ICWA Conference Attendee

"Incredibly vivid inspirational imagery in your poem! So beautiful!"

2022 Tribal-State ICWA Conference Attendee

"So powerful and descriptive. You empower me to be a voice!"

2022 Tribal-State ICWA Conference Attendee

"It was I N C R E D I B L E thank you for speaking such healing and beauty into the pride event and into the community!!! Feeling so grateful to have met you today and honored to hear your beautiful eloquent spoken word!!!"

Klamath PRIDE Attendee

"Emotional & powerful poems"

NICWA: 40th Annual Protecting Our Children Conference Attendee

"You are a powerful storyteller! I always appreciate listening to you!"

NICWA: 40th Annual Protecting Our Children Conference Attendee

"You are *such* a kickass speaker + poet + you reallllllly modeled to people the power of bringing their passion + their multiple identities into the world and their creativity."

"Future Thought Leader" Program Advisor/Founder 

"Best opener ever!"

Regional ICWA Specialist, ODHS Child Welfare D11

"Shuína Skó, always a highlight of the conference"

2022 Tribal-State ICWA Conference Attendee

"Thank you for telling us your story. I appreciate the vulnerability, honesty and love that you shared. Thank you for providing guidance and information on how to empathetically support and honor the family, the individual and the culture. We are blessed to have you help heal and teach our community."

Equity Hour ODHS D11 Attendee

"Powerful poetry!"

2021 Tribal-State ICWA Conference Attendee

"I was blown away!  You have such a gift for speaking, and your vulnerability and honesty were so humbling. Thank you for being willing to share a piece of your story."

ICWA Liaison and Supervisor at the Oregon Child Abuse Hotline ODHS Child Welfare

"Beautifully strong words, Pidamaye!"

NICWA: 40th Annual Protecting Our Children Conference Attendee

"Creativity with a meaning."

2021 Tribal-State ICWA Conference Attendee

"...wanted you to know what a HUGE impact you had on your peers, Tribal partners and Child Welfare leadership across the state by bringing voice and perspective so that we can connect your experience to how we are serving tribal communities and families in Oregon."

Director of the Oregon Child Abuse Hotline ODHS Child Welfare

"That was an incredible presentation. Thank you so much."

2021 Tribal-State ICWA Conference Attendee

"You are fantastic! I learned so much, definitely many tribal similarities; I am from the Pueblo of Laguna in New Mexico."

ICWA Webinar Attendee

"Your art is so powerful! What a beautiful message for all of us and our children."

2021 Tribal-State ICWA Conference Attendee

"Great teachings Shuína, thank you!"

2022 Tribal-State ICWA Conference Attendee

"The personal words and stories she shared not only resonated with our Training Team but also the participants in the training. She passionately shared her own story woven through poems she had written. Words cannot accurately describe how impactful she was. I firmly believe her strong words helped stir in workers hearts as she encouraged them to be present and open. Our Tribal partners that joined us today were also moved by her words."

ICWA Consultant, ODHS Tribal Affairs

"Thank you for speaking at the ICWA Conference this morning. Your words are so powerful and important."

Regional ICWA Specialist, ODHS Child Welfare D5

"Ahéhee'! What a beautiful presentation!"

2021 Tribal-State ICWA Conference Attendee

"BEAUTIFUL! Excellent story teller. Absolutely love your presentation. I enjoyed your positive energy, I could feel your energy through my screen. Thank You So Very Much for taking the time to speak to us today."

2022 Tribal-State ICWA Conference Attendee

"You are so wonderful, strong and impactful."

ORICWA Conference Attendee and Supervisor at the Oregon Child Abuse Hotline, ODHS Child Welfare

"Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart with us."

2021 Tribal-State ICWA Conference Attendee

"I want to say thank you! In listening I realized I had made assumptions about Two Spirit and both your explanation and your poems helped me (hopefully) understand a bit better these assumptions. I am so glad I came today."

PRIDE Employee Resource Group Training Attendee

"Thank you so very much for the gifts of your spirit, talents and time!"

2022 Tribal-State ICWA Conference Attendee

"Love your spoken word. So powerful!"

NICWA: 40th Annual Protecting Our Children Conference Attendee

"You provided such a powerful message. Thank you for sharing yourself with us today."

2022 Tribal-State ICWA Conference Attendee

"You are a power of influence, thank you for sharing your gifts."

2021 Tribal-State ICWA Conference Attendee

"Amazing, beautiful and impactful, thank you."

2021 Tribal-State ICWA Conference Attendee

"I look forward to hearing you speak every time! We can see the fire and passion in your eyes and your delivery is captivating every time! Thank you for sharing with us!"

2022 Tribal-State ICWA Conference Attendee

"Powerful, moving and profound."

Tribal-State ICWA Conference Attendee


Shuína Skó's book "BIG LOVE - mo stinta" is featured during the 2023 Poetry Month Spotlight: Xwi7xwa Library is "happy to present a reading list of innovative and moving poetry by Indigenous authors which showcase what is possible within and beyond the genre"

This list provides a summary of some of the past events Shuína Skó has been involved in from 2021-2023 (dynamically updating site page)

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